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Entire Site Mismatch

Hodge-podge of different looking pages

This legacy arises from a high turnover of web masters for your site. You should try and use the same people to maintain your pages. Ugly pages can be fixed by removing unneccessary graphics. Color should be used to draw attention to important information.

Pages need to look similar and have navigation in the same order on every page. This can be fixed by using a template. All pages are cloned from the template and have the same look.

Good web design will make pages look like they belong together.

No corporate identity

All of your pages should have your corporate identity. It is quite easy to add this to your pages. This is fixed by adding a logo or contact information at the top of each page and legal information at the bottom of each page.

Good web design will place corporate identity on all pages.


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Designing Web Usability
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