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Browser Dependency

Some pages display wrong with some browsers

Some web master along the way programmed in some browser-specifc codes. This should be avoided unless you know all of the people visiting your site have ABC-brand browser. Dependencies on specific browsers can be fixed by removing or changing the code.

It is not enough to see if your site 'looks ok' in your browser.

Pages need to be 'correct' in the eyes of any browser on any computer. That means all HTML and CSS must be syntactically correct. If it is not, your pages may not be rendered properly.

Some browsers have a way of making incorrect pages 'look ok' even when they are not ok.

You can check your pages even if you know nothing about HTML.

You can check your site at WDG. Enter your URL and check the box next to 'Validate entire site'. Uncheck the 'Show input' box for better reading. It will only check the first 100 pages.

You will probaly see a bunch of errors displayed. It does not matter if you understand the messages or how to fix the errors. What matters is that your web site needs help.

If your site is perfect you will see 'Congratulations - No Errors.'


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